Tips for relief from kidney stone

It is very difficult to describe the pain that one experiences due to kidney stone(Urolithiasis). To me it was worse than thousand knives pricking my lower abdomen. To make matters worse, I also suffered from lower back pain & burning sensation in the urinary tract. The embarrassment of having to visit the toilet every 5 minutes did not help matters either :oops: .

Thankfully the worst days of suffering from kidney stone are over for me. It is usually men in their middle ages who suffer from kidney stones. These stones are formed due to accumulation of minerals & salts. The reason could be hereditary, lifestyle or irregularities in metabolism. I have also seen many younger boys suffering from this pain too.

Surgery to remove kidney stone should be the last resort. Stones made up of calcium oxalate up to the size of 6 mm can easily be removed by home remedies.

Here are few tips to remove kidney stones from our body naturally:

Intake of fluids: Creating sufficient bladder pressure is the only known natural way of removing kidney stone from our body. This habit also ensures that few stones are not formed in our body.

liquids that are recommended are; carrot juice, tender coconut water ,barley water & water.

Food that dissolves kidney stone: The stem of banana plant (plant that has borne fruits) is well known for its property to dissolve stones. Juice of this stem taken on empty stomach will help in reducing the size of the stone & also in making it softer.

Lemon juice is another known natural food which will help in dissolving kidney stones. One needs to be patient with this method. It may take few weeks of drinking pure lemon juice to dissolve the kidney stone. The stone thus reduced in size passes off painlessly through the urinary tract, as the rough edges of the stone has been softened or melted.

Eating fibrous food like apple, watermelon & fresh vegetables also help in fighting against stones.

Food to avoid will be caffeine containing products (Tea, coffee & chocolate), calcium containing food (Cabbage, cauliflower & spinach), processed food & sugar. Whenever I took protein powder my body responded by producing kidney stones. So, I can say with firsthand experience that protein rich food should be had in moderation by those suffering from kidney stones.

Skipping: Any form of exercise is good to pass out the stone from the body, but skipping is the best of the lot. This jumping exercise is tailor made to expel stone out of our body.

It is possible that these deposits sit quietly in our gall or kidney without causing any pain for many years. But Urolithiasis should not be ignored. Neglect of kidney stones could lead to complications like renal failure . Some simple home remedies done with persistence will save us the expensive hospital  bills & all the after effects of a surgery.