The truth about Chocolates

  • Chocolate fights tooth decay.
  • People who eat Chocolate live longer than those who don’t eat them.
  • Chocolate is good for your heart & brain.

Yes! you read it right & i am not insane too. Every word in those bulleted points are true & have been scientifically proven.

You still do not believe me, then read this: Chocolate is bad for dogs because of theobromine present in them. If you still think that chocolate is bad for you, Then you know why ? (Wink) ;-) Here are some more astonishing facts about this cocoa product.



  • Chocolate releases endorphins which release feel good signals within us. So, eating chocolate actually keeps us cheerful.
  • Chocolate lowers blood cholesterol & increases blood flow. this means that chocolate eaters have lesser chance of heart attack.
  • As chocolate increases blood flow to the brain, our retention capacity & alertness also improves as a result of this. You will certainly not take such BS from me. Let me make it clear that this discovery is a result of research at West Virginia’s Wheeling Jesuit University.
  • This point is a no-brainer. Chocolate is good for skin. I do not refer to fancy chocolate massage here, a hot chocolate drink will take care of your skin for now.

Then why were all these wonderful facts hidden from you for all these years??? The harsh reality is that most of the so called chocolate that is sold to us is not chocolate at all. These chocolates have more sugar, vegeatble fats , milk powder & a miniscule amount of chocolate. This means that the product is processed junk & not the wonderful chocolate we are talking about. To enjoy the YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMy chocolate go for the darker chocolates, darker the better. Read the label carefully & do not buy chocolates that use hydrogenated fat. Cocoa butter is good fat for the body. By now some of you are really mad at me for writing this which is totally against the beliefs that you have carried till date. This is my parting shot at you: “You still have hope because chocolate reduces blood pressure too”…